Five Steps to Creating a Children’s Play Plan

Five Steps to Creating a Children's Playroom & Plan: for Smarter Kids and a Happier Parent[/caption] Creating a Space to Play There are just five steps to take to support your child in developing their intelligence. Bonus: they will demand less screen time, and you will win yourself some peaceful time to accomplish the many tasks on your to-do list, or just lay on the sofa and read a book. Sound enticing? Read on. 1 Step: Limit Screen time to no more than an hour a day to increase independent play I’m sure you’ve heard this recommendation; this is because...Read More

What makes a Good Mom?

It is more important to be a good mom than to feel like you are a good mom. What do I mean? Well there are all sorts of definitions floating around in the world, and in our heads, as to what a good mom is exactly. The definition of a good mom differs by culture, country, social groups and between friends. To set the entire pile of logs to flame, let’s add in the fact that a lot of these definitions and directives are unconscious. We don’t question them. Until perhaps, we read an article, notice someone else doing it...Read More