Five Steps to Creating a Children’s Play Plan

Five Steps to Creating a Children's Playroom & Plan: for Smarter Kids and a Happier Parent[/caption] Creating a Space to Play There are just five steps to take to support your child in developing their intelligence. Bonus: they will demand less screen time, and you will win yourself some peaceful time to accomplish the many tasks on your to-do list, or just lay on the sofa and read a book. Sound enticing? Read on. 1 Step: Limit Screen time to no more than an hour a day to increase independent play I’m sure you’ve heard this recommendation; this is because...Read More

7 Things Moms Understand. (Happy Mother’s Day!)

As a Mom.... 1. You can feel desperate and exhausted while experiencing intense joy. One minute, you are so fatigued, you are falling asleep in the checkout line at the grocery store. The next, you feel a soft tug, little arms are wrapping around your neck, and the words, "I love you, Mommy," cause a moment of pure bliss. 2. You would give anything for a few hours of peace to recapture an inner glow, and you can't stand the thought of your kids growing up and leaving one day. Hey, I get it, Mom. I am mega grateful for...Read More

Christmas Bliss

What is your idea of Christmas bliss? Strip away all the societal ideas about Christmas, the expectations, and traditions and what would you do? What, when it comes down to it, does Christmas mean to you, and how do you ensure you capture that something special this holiday season? For me, when you strip away the flickering candle light, crackling fire, the scent of pine and baking cooking, the wrapping paper all over the floor and the decadent food, Christmas is Love. More than anything else, my soul seeks connection with the special people in my life.   I think...Read More

Creating a Cozy Oasis

One of the things I want to create for my children is a cozy oasis. The moment they shut the front door behind them I want them to let out a sigh of relief as any anxiety, stress or fear fade. In an increasingly fast paced and digitally connected world, I want our home to be a sensual place of wellness. I want to create a home that smells delicious, has cozy nooks to curl up with a good book, settle down to learn, create something, whip up something yummy in the kitchen, or snuggle up for a heart-to-heart. A...Read More

Serenity in Finding Stillness

Serenity in Finding Stillness [caption id="attachment_727" align="aligncenter" width="900"] How to find peace as a Mom[/caption] I believe one of the most loving things we can do for our kids is to sit with them and do nothing. Does that sound crazy?   We live in a world with increasing demands on our time and attention. Choices abound as to how to spend our free time and responsibilities at work and in the home increase as everyone takes on more hobbies and activities.   Yet to really connect with someone, you need stillness. You need to be fully present. And you...Read More

What makes a Good Mom?

It is more important to be a good mom than to feel like you are a good mom. What do I mean? Well there are all sorts of definitions floating around in the world, and in our heads, as to what a good mom is exactly. The definition of a good mom differs by culture, country, social groups and between friends. To set the entire pile of logs to flame, let’s add in the fact that a lot of these definitions and directives are unconscious. We don’t question them. Until perhaps, we read an article, notice someone else doing it...Read More
The joy of parenting & 60 Minutes Great Parent

How to Be a Good Parent in 60 Minutes a Day

Are you a good parent?   A Go To List of How to Be a Good Parent in 60 Minutes a Day When Time is Tight Do you walk around with guilt hanging on your back like a backpack filled with rocks because you aren’t sure if you’re a good enough parent? Does the challenge of being a good parent feel overwhelming? Are you exhausted with just a little leftover time to yourself? Does the day escape youand suddenly it's bedtime, and you haven’t connected with your child on a deep level? You aren’t alone. I feel like that sometimes too....Read More

One Step to Improving All Your Relationships

On a level of one to ten, how harmonious and fulfilling are your relationships? If you are like me, then the answer fluctuates. Misunderstandings, stress, and weakness can wreak havoc on the quality of connections with those you love. There is one step you can take to improve each and every relationship you have. Ready? If you hurt someone, acknowledge their hurt or disappointment and ask for forgiveness. Never say you’re sorry again. Wait for a second; you may be thinking this is crazy. Never say I’m sorry? Didn’t we all learn to say we’re sorry at two years old?...Read More

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables Everyday

How do you get your children to eat their three to five different vegetables everyday?   Cut up red pepper slices, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, tomatoes or baby tomatoes and avocado. Add Swiss chard, coleslaw or grated beets. Add salad sauce separate for dipping. Now here is the ESSENTIAL step: give the kids their raw vegetables as their first course. They only get to eat the entrée if they eat the vegetables first. Hold yourself to the same standard. Either create the exact same plate of cut up vegetables and dip for yourself and eat them, or create a salad...Read More

Five Steps to Being a More Loving Parent and Partner

Do you want to be a more loving parent and partner? I know I do. That is why I am resolving to carry out these five steps everyday to become a more loving Mom and wife. Welcome your loved ones with an enthusiastic ‘Welcome home, I missed you!’ Add hug if possible. Seriously, even if you just do this first step, your children and spouse will feel more loved. I know your hands are full of groceries, or your hands are soapy, or you’re on a conference call with Paris. Whatever it is, drop it for two minutes and welcome...Read More