Toned Arms and Abs in 5 Minutes a Day

How to Get Toned Arms and Abs in 5 Minutes a Day Do you want to get toned arms and abs in just five minutes a day, but you are short on time and energy? Do you want to start your day with rosy cheeks, energized and ready for the day? You only need 5 minutes a day to tone your arms and abs. The added benefit? You will increase your glow and decrease your need for caffeine first thing in the morning. I'm serious. Add in the dash of good morning endorphins from just five minutes of exercise, and you may...Read More

Choose Joy over Happiness

I am resolving from this day forward to choose joy over happiness. Perhaps you want to give it a try too? The word happiness resonates throughout our modern culture. Happiness is revered, longed for, worked on as a project. I was swept up in the endless pursuit of happiness for a while myself. Until the day I went out for my usual walk through green fields and to the woods. It was the first time I had felt healthy enough to go after struggling with pneumonia. It was glorious to be healthy again after weeks of weakness and illness. Walking...Read More

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables Everyday

How do you get your children to eat their three to five different vegetables everyday?   Cut up red pepper slices, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, tomatoes or baby tomatoes and avocado. Add Swiss chard, coleslaw or grated beets. Add salad sauce separate for dipping. Now here is the ESSENTIAL step: give the kids their raw vegetables as their first course. They only get to eat the entrée if they eat the vegetables first. Hold yourself to the same standard. Either create the exact same plate of cut up vegetables and dip for yourself and eat them, or create a salad...Read More

Five Minutes to Enhanced Wellbeing

An hour long massage, a long candlelit bath or a few hours in a wellness spa can deliver a decadent sense of wellbeing. The scents of lavender or eucalyptus follow you out of the few hours of self care. Your muscles feel warm and relaxed and your skin glows. The truth for most of us is that the time, money or lack of energy get in the way of a regular investment in wellness. The truth is that by adding just five minutes to your daily schedule, you can create a measurable difference in how well you feel on a...Read More