7 Things Moms Understand. (Happy Mother’s Day!)

As a Mom….

1. You can feel desperate and exhausted while experiencing intense joy.

One minute, you are so fatigued, you are falling asleep in the checkout line at the grocery store. The next, you feel a soft tug, little arms are wrapping around your neck, and the words, “I love you, Mommy,” cause a moment of pure bliss.

2. You would give anything for a few hours of peace to recapture an inner glow, and you can’t stand the thought of your kids growing up and leaving one day.

Hey, I get it, Mom. I am mega grateful for a few hours to do some yoga, soak in a lavender scented salt bath, relax with an engrossing book or laugh with friends, champagne glass in hand. But I want to scoop those kids into my arms again right afterward.

3. You cultivate intense empathy the moment you hold your baby in your arms.

It’s as if someone has ripped out part of your heart and placed it into your infant’s tiny little body. When they experience heartbreak, your heart collapses inward like a dying star. If they break their leg, you relive the feeling of your bone cracking in two and the imprisoning experience of wearing a cast reaching from toes to your hip.

4. Adoration and intense irritation are not mutually exclusive.

I can be thinking how cute my little boys are in their footie PJs while being irritated by them all at the same time. Note: Are you one of those Zen Mothers who never experiences extreme irritation? Brilliant! I’m working on it, but an hour-a-day yoga practice later and I still start to fume when children jump on the couch next to me brandishing lightsabers before my first cup of coffee. Who am I kidding? Before my first glass of wine.

5. Pride and a sense of wonder take flight when your children become more and more self-sufficient, and you can’t stand them not needing you as much anymore.

What Mom isn’t thrilled when her daughter wakes up and gets ready for school independently? What Mom fails to feel a twinge of loss that her daughter doesn’t need any help getting off to school on time?

6. You would love to have an always-clean-and-organized home, and it isn’t that important.

If push comes to shove, you know you are going to choose that outing to the zoo over a perfectly organized closet. Hey, they grow up fast, right? And if a child comes home crying, well those dust bunnies can be hunted down tomorrow. You want your kids to remember moments of delight and connection with you. Memories of Mom with a vacuum in her hand? Not so much.

7. Unconditional love.

There is nothing our kids could do to cause us to stop loving them. It’s something my Mom always told me, but I couldn’t fathom what it meant until my daughter arrived. I said a goodbye to part of my heart that day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!

Wishing you mommy moments of pure bliss, Heather Nadine

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