Top Five Most Inspirational Ballet Books

The Top Five Most Inspirational Ballet Books[/caption] I recently attended Swan Lake at the Zurich Opernhaus; I walked out onto the plaza after the performance glowing with pure joy. I adore the controlled nuance of each graceful movement, the power of lithe bodies moving as if one with the music, the costumes, the electric attraction the dancers emit on stage. Experiencing riveting beauty is so soul satisfying; it is like a spring shower for the spirit. Do you find ballet fascinating as I do? Is watching one performance a year not nearly enough to quench your thirst for the beauty...Read More

Toned Arms and Abs in 5 Minutes a Day

How to Get Toned Arms and Abs in 5 Minutes a Day Do you want to get toned arms and abs in just five minutes a day, but you are short on time and energy? Do you want to start your day with rosy cheeks, energized and ready for the day? You only need 5 minutes a day to tone your arms and abs. The added benefit? You will increase your glow and decrease your need for caffeine first thing in the morning. I'm serious. Add in the dash of good morning endorphins from just five minutes of exercise, and you may...Read More

7 Things Moms Understand. (Happy Mother’s Day!)

As a Mom.... 1. You can feel desperate and exhausted while experiencing intense joy. One minute, you are so fatigued, you are falling asleep in the checkout line at the grocery store. The next, you feel a soft tug, little arms are wrapping around your neck, and the words, "I love you, Mommy," cause a moment of pure bliss. 2. You would give anything for a few hours of peace to recapture an inner glow, and you can't stand the thought of your kids growing up and leaving one day. Hey, I get it, Mom. I am mega grateful for...Read More